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One of the best Chinese Cooking Dish is Chicken Chinese Rice. If you are willing to eat Delicious Food cooked in very short time then you must visit this Cooking Magazine which have alot of Urdu Recipes of Biryani, Nihari, Fastfood, Appetizers, Mutton Recipes, Baking Food Recipes, Soup Recipes and much more all written in Urdu.


































Recipes Of Chinese Dishes

(Chicken Chinese Rice Cooking)


  • Banaspati Rice 1 Kilo (20 Minutes Bhigho Dein)
  • Chicken Breast 1/2 Kilo (Choteey Pieces)
  • Harri Piyaz 1 Cup (Bareek Katti Howi)
  • Gaajar 1 Cup (Bareek Katti Howi)
  • Pahari Mirch 1 (Bareek Katti Howi)
  • Matar (Peas) 1/2 Cup
  • Lehsun 2 Khanney Ke Chammach (Pissi Howi)
  • Soya Sauce 2 Khanney Ke Chammach
  • Sirka 1 Khanney Ke Chammach
  • Ajeenomoto 1/2 Chai Ka Chammach
  • Namak 1/2 Chai Ka Chammach
  • Oil 1 Cup
PROCEDURE (Bananai Ka Tareeqa):

Chicken per lehsun, soya sauce, namak, aur kaali mirch daal ker fry ker lein. Ab uss mein tamam sabzi daal ker dhaank ker pakaey. Ek doosrey pan mein rice boil ker ke uttar lein. Phir rice ko chicken mein daal ker 10 minutes ke liye bhaanp dein. Upper se ajeenomoto aur kaali mirch chirkey, dish tiyyar

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