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The junction of modern Urdu Poetry and Shayari archive is available here. You can read the best collection of best Urdu Poetry taken from books of great and best Urdu Poets. This Urdu Poetry Magazine is the best web media resource with different moods of Urdu Poetry, Urdu Shayari, Aashar and Classic Urdu Poetry.






























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Urdu Poetry Of Famous Shayar

One of the best Urdu Poetry Gallary in the world of internet is this Urdu Magazine for all mood of Urdu Shayari like Sad Urdu Poetry, Love Urdu Shayari, Romantic Poetry in Urdu but not including Dirty or Sexy Urdu Shayari. This Urdu Shayari Magazine (Poeziya Magazine)always try to give best and famous Urdu Shayari of most famous Urdu Poets of Asia.

For making your mind relax and to change your sad mood, Mazahiya Urdu Ashaar, Comedy Shayari (Funny Poesi), Funny Urdu Poetries (Nakakatawa Tula) also available here.